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Scar Removal Tucson

There are many different reasons that scars form and there are many different kinds of scars. When damage has been done to the dermis, (the layer where your skin forms) a scar usually forms. Whether your scars are from acne, an infection, chicken pox, a burn, pregnancy or other rapid growth factors or an injury, there are ways to help soften them and make them smaller. Our new plasma arc is one of the newest ways to help the appearance of scars.

The main distinction made between scars is the differentiation between Hypertrophic and Atrophic Scars. A Hypertrophic scar is raised (protruding), whereas an Atrophic scar is a visibly depressed part of the skin. A Hypertrophic scar is left after a deep skin injury (i.e. deep wounds inflicted during surgery, superficial wound followed by a protracted infection) and in case of Atrophic Scars, these are usually left after Acne, Chickenpox or other types of skin inflammation.

The treatment with the plasma arc is performed differently for each type of scar. Without getting to technical, I’ll try to explain the goal behind each technique. When you have an atrophic scar, (depressed or a hole) the idea is to treat around the edges of the scar to help bridge the gap by pulling the edges of the scar closer together. Stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin around the depressed area also help smooth out shallow depressions in the skin.

Please keep in mind that this is not a surgical procedure and is not capable of “filling in” deep holes. It may take a few sessions to get the full results of the treatment. Fibroblast treatments work very well with other types of aesthetic practices. Cosmetic peels are a good adjunct to plasma treatments. Skin needling can also be used as a collagen stimulator to help smooth and soften the whole area around the scar.

Hypertrophic scars are thickened/raised scars. Hypertrophic scars develop during the wound healing process. They stop growing when the healing process is over and they decrease in size over time (this may take a year or more.) Steroid injections can help shrink the raised part of a scar faster than letting it heal on its own. Initially, hypertrophic scars tend to be redder than atrophic scars are. Unlike keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are confined to the borders of the original wound and don’t grow back once removed or have shrunk on their own.

The idea behind plasma arcing for hypertrophic scars is to flatten the raised part of the scar and make it level with the skin around the damaged area. In order to do this, the therapist will use the arc directly on the raised area. This will cause a microburn to the thickened skin and once healed the raised skin will slough off and become flatter. In layman’s terms, this process will sand off the raised area and it will heal flatter.

Stretch marks are scars and can be improved!

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All appointments are final and cannot be rescheduled without 48 hours notice. Please double-check your schedule to ensure that you are available during the time of your booking. Appointments also require a $100 non- refundable deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is then deducted from your final amount on the day of your procedure. A patch test and aftercare products are also a part of your first visit. Your procedure will be performed AFTER your patch test has successfully healed.


Deposits are  forfeited if the client does not to show up to their appointment or cannot commit to their original scheduled appointment without 48 hours notice.  Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule, and it will be considered a cancellation. That much lost time will not allow the technician to complete the procedure properly. The time cannot be “made up” by rushing or omitting important steps.  

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It is necessary to do a patch test for each visit to see how that area will react to the treatment. The healing process will show how you well reacted and will give us a better idea of how many sessions you will need to achieve your goals. Your first actual treatment will be about 2 weeks from your consultation and patch test. Please remember this info as you are scheduling your appointment time.

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