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We can transform spotty, blotchy skin to an even, glowing complexion by utilizing our formulations that have proprietary whitening blends made with natural compounds, anti-oxidants and non-acidic exfoliation processes. Thereby, removing accumulated skin pigmentation, leaving you with clearer, more evenly toned, silky, smooth skin. Our gentle cleansing cream will wash away the days debris leaving clean skin that is ready for more action. Our all natural toner uses witch hazel which provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. One of our many hand made enzyme peels will gently exfoliate dead skin cells. You will notice diminished lines and discoloration while restoring vital cellular activity. Our rose scented whitening mask also, tones, clarifies and moisturizes to lighten and rejuvenate prematurely aged or sun spotted facial skin. Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C Serum’s COQ10 supports the skin’s natural defenses and collagen integrity. It also helps reduce damage from UVA/UVB exposure.

If pigmentation is an issue for you, you may want to ask your esthetician about some of the other services that deal with discoloration.

Whitening – Tucson Detox Therapy Spa


This much lightening cannot be achieved in one one
session no matter what form of treatment you have.
Laser treatments of different kinds can cost
anywhere from $350-$1000 per session. Many taking
up to 6-7 sessions. Our facial will help lighten
the skin without damaging it.
Skin rolling will also help lighten age spots.
Internal cellular cleansing will also help prevent
liver spots.











We do charge a cancellation and No Show fee. Please refer to our Spa Etiquette & Guidelines page to read full details.

I have been very excited about my reaction to the series of foot baths that I have received from your office. I bought the treatments because I am always on my feet and they ache terribly by the end of the night. The baths soothed my feet while removing toxins from my system. The color of the water after my treatments changed dramatically as I progressed through the series. One of the things that was of interest to me was that my water changed to the color that indicates kidney issues. I later…
Donna Gallagher