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About Us Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa


Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa is a small, but ever expanding business that provides natural health and beauty care services. The owner, Debbie Shaw, is a licensed esthetician who is also certified by the State Board of Arizona as a chiropractic assistant. Debbie has many other certifications for specialty treatments and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion to those who are looking for answers and solutions on how to naturally look and feel better, lose weight and inches and lessen their pain levels.

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Debbie and her husband, chiropractor, Dr. Noel Shaw, have been in the same location for the last 28 years. Debbie is currently working on her dream of opening up a new “Spa” that will showcase all of the unique equipment, treatments and talents of her and her current and future staff members. The building will include a small all natural Detox Café. Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa currently owns and utilizes many machines that perform specialty therapies that you just can’t get anywhere else! We specialize in detoxifying the body and anti-aging treatments without surgery, drugs, pain and down time.  

Our staff is dedicated to answering your questions and offering unique treatment solutions for YOUR issues.


Loren Starks is our licensed acupuncturist. He holds a master’s degree in traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. He is also our resident specialist in the cosmetic procedure of Mei Zen Acupuncture. Loren enjoys the energy aspect of Chinese medicine and strives to find the unique patterns and characteristics of each one of his clients. His goal is to educate and provide alternative solutions to help all that come to him.

As individuals, we strive to promote our unique talents and offer you the best that we have to give. As a team, we do offer alternative thoughts and treatments that are a blend of all of our special assets.



Meet Akya! He is Debbie’s Emotional Support animal. He loves being a therapy dog. Many people forget to say hello to Debbie first and immediately go looking for Akya. If there’s a sign on the door that says “Yorkie on Duty, Watch  Your Step” you know that he is there! Come get some adorable lovin, HE LOVES HIS JOB!