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Ionic Foot Bath

The people who have actually tried an ionic foot bath are usually the ones saying, “I don’t care what you say, or what your science is, I KNOW THAT IT WORKED FOR ME!”detox therapy spa ionic foot bath
We’ve treated many, many people. Many times 2 or more folks at the same time, and their results were always different from each other. The results that a person gets from the first time and the 10th time are always different too. Older types of ionic foot baths had you add salt to the water for a stronger conductivity. We used this technology at one point. We used the same amount of water and salt each time. If it’s a hoax and a nail in salt water will give you the same effect, how come each person’s bath is different? Might it just be the people? With the advancements of technology, the newest ionic foot baths do not have to add salt to the water, we still see differences in the water even though the electric currency is exactly the same for everyone!
Those who know about ionization know that it purifies what it comes in contact with, whether it be air, water, or people’s feet submerged in water. Ionic foot baths are like a reverse osmosis system for people.

One lady who was having a treatment had very green water which signifies kidney issues. When I asked her if she had any kidney problems, she told me that she only had a quarter of her right kidney! Humm?
Another young woman very quickly had many black flecks floating on top of her water. This surprised me because it showed up so fast. Black flecks can signify heavy metals in the body. When I asked her what she did for a living, she told me that she was in the Army and was a sheet metal mechanic who works on and in helicopter engines all day. Humm?
You just need to come try it for yourself. The proof is in the pudding, (or the water!)

For What is Ionization?

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