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News and Reviews

I have used several of this spa’s services – especially love the fat and detox wraps! Lost several inches before a big family reunion and was REALLY pleased with the results! They rock!  Noelle

I have been coming here for two years and absolutely love the body wrap!!

 Hedrick Kaz

This place has a great LED light therapy system!

 Tammy Brewer

I loved the service! The office is very homey and I felt very comfortable. Debbie Shaw is a wealth of knowledge. Any question I had about skincare and holistic treatment, she was able to answer. She did a great job on my sebaceous hyperplasia, a skin problem that many dermatologists are not aware of. I have been treated by her three times, and she is a true professional. Highly recommend!

 Regina M

I loved the service!

 Mara Maldonado

I would  recommend this experience.


I would recommend this place!

Dan Lineback

I loved the service! I love how my skin feels now! I am still waiting to see if my collagen rebuilding actually makes a lot of difference in an anti aging way. I am optimistically looking forward to watching this!

 Sheila  L.

“I got a tremendous treatment. The wrap really took some inches off and made me feel better.” Robert C

Wow,where has this place been hiding? I was introduce through a coupon deal and have been back to do other services a few times already! Its unique,friendly ,clean and runs on time! Love It here!