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Non-Surgical Neck Lift For Saggy, Droppy, Crepey Neck and Throat

If a wrinkly, saggy, turkey neck makes you crazy, (like it does me) this new treatment will give you an option other than surgery or Ultherapy. Collagen Induced Therapy can be preformed in numerous ways. When you do slight damage to your skin, the brain gets the message that the damage has been done and it needs to be fixed. This is when new collagen starts to be produced. We only make new collagen until we are 35 years old, then we recycle what we have unless there has been some kind of injury. Collagen Induced Therapy is a purposely inducted minor injury to the skin to stimulate collagen response.

Peels, micro-derm abrasion, skin rolling, micro-needling, cosmetic acupuncture, facial injections and fibroblast plasma treatments are all ways to stimulate collagen. Here at Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa, we provide all of these options, but are proud to be one of the few clinics in the US to offer the plasma arc fibroblast treatments.

Lasers are another way to stimulate collagen, but a laser cannot be used on the front of the neck, due to the damage that it can cause to the thyroid gland. The plasma arc, doesn’t send heat as deep down into the skin as a laser does, so there is no chance of harming the DNA of your skin or any of your vital organs.

The plasma arc works in the epidermis causing a very light topical burn that stimulates the collagen response. The skin’s initial reaction to the arc is caused by temporary de-hydration.  De-hydration will cause the skin to shrink and tighten, so the evidence of your treatment will be noticeable immediately. Once the skin has re-hydrated, the immediate constriction will loosen a little bit and elastins and collagen will be stimulated and the improvements will continue for a few months.

For the first 7-10 days the treated area will probably be red and after day 2 or 3 teeny scabs will usually tend to form. It is essential that you do NOT pick or scratch them off.

How many sessions you will need depends on your age, what kind of shape that your skin is in, (laxity) what your expectations are and your lifestyle. The great thing about fibroblast therapy is that each time you have a treatment session, you will get immediate results that continue to improve for a few months. Therefore, waiting until your skin has healed, (4-8 weeks) then having another session done to continue the collagen response, can give long lasting results and improves the esthetic look of your newly tightened skin for a few years.  After the scabs have fallen off, it is time to use broad spectrum sun screen on the area. Avoiding the sun for the next 2-3 months is essential to protect your pretty, new skin from hyper-pigmentation. Most people are really good about aftercare while the treated area still looks “treated.” It is important that you continue to be just as careful until your skin has totally healed and is “back to normal,” as you were when you first had your treatment. If you want optimal results,  this is a fairly strict rule.

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All appointments are final and cannot be rescheduled without 48 hours notice. Please double-check your schedule to ensure that you are available during the time of your booking. Appointments also require a $100 non- refundable deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is then deducted from your final amount on the day of your procedure. A patch test and aftercare products are also a part of your first visit. Your procedure will be performed AFTER your patch test has successfully healed.


Deposits are  forfeited if the client does not to show up to their appointment or cannot commit to their original scheduled appointment without 48 hours notice.  Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule, and it will be considered a cancellation. That much lost time will not allow the technician to complete the procedure properly. The time cannot be “made up” by rushing or omitting important steps.  

For consultations and appointments, call 520 275-4510 for Tucson’s only plasma fibroblast spa! It is necessary to do a patch test for each visit to see how that area will react to the treatment. The healing process will show how you well reacted and will give us a better idea of how many sessions you will need to achieve your goals. Your first actual treatment will be about 2 weeks from your consultation and patch test. Please remember this info as you are scheduling your appointment time.

We do offer discounts on multi-treatment packages.

The photos used on these pages were not taken by Alternatives in Health Care but are of other provider’s patients that have had the same kind of treatments.