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Rolling vs Needling?



Skin rolling is different than skin needling. Rolling enables you to cover a larger area for all over toning. You can have a rolling session done much closer to your eyes than a needling session.

There is no down time with rolling unless we use a more aggressive approach for deep scars, stretch marks, cellulite and ruined skin.

With a lighter touch and a shallower depth, you may have a rolling session every few if you so choose. The physical effects that you feel subside in an hour or so. There are usually no traces of the procedure being done after that 1st hour. You can wear make up that same day.

Done properly, skin rolling procedures are less invasive than needling. There should be no blood traces after a facial rolling session. But, using the longer needles may make a little larger puncture hole that may bring blood to the surface. You may want to use a topical anesthetic if you have deep scars, stretch marks or wrinkles.

Rolling sessions can be done more frequently than skin needling sessions. Needling sessions require at least four weeks between sessions. Deeper rolling sessions should wait at least two weeks before a subsequent session is performed. Mild rolling sessions could be done more frequently.

The micro-punctures that are the results of a rolling session, promote better penetration and absorption of skin and body care products, making them hundreds of times more effective.


Derma-rolling can be done with or without a topical anesthetic

Skin patches, such as nicotine, testosterone and pain patches have been proven to be more effective if the skin is rolled before the patch is applied.

Skin needling on the other hand is very effective for deeper crevices and more severe localized damage.

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