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The Process


The healing properties of ear candles has it’s foundation in two primary physical actions.
Heat and convection. Without getting technical, due to the cone shape, a small rising hot air force at the top of the candle creates a much stronger suction effect than at the narrower end of the candle.
What this means is a spiral of smoke will enter the ear canal and be pulled back up into the candle. As the smoke enters the ear, it will warm the outer ear wax and any debris inside of the ear canal. When the smoke spirals back up into the candle the small particles of yeast and other debris attach themselves to the smoke and exit the ear.detox therapy spa ear candling6
While the candle is gently inserted into the ear canal it is slowly turned to prevent wax from dripping downward. The turning of the candle also activates acupressure points and reflexology zones in the ear.
There are many different kinds of candles on the market. We use only the highest quality of hand made natural, non-toxic candles. Our candles are made of unbleached muslin linen that is dipped in healthy beeswax which is blended with specific liquid herbs and organic essential oils. Be cautious of paraffin candles, as they are made from petroleum products. They may be tauted as all natural, as oil does come from nature, but do you really want it lit on fire and stuck in your ear?
Another feature that you should look for in quality ear candles is the shape of the candle. Make sure that there is a much wider top than bottom. If the candle is the same width all the way down, you will not have the necessary surface area to create the vortex effect needed to draw out toxins from the ear canal. So, long skinny candles aren’t the best quality or the most effective. For this reason they are generally much cheaper. Cheaper candles may make your treatment sessions less expensive, but not more effective. The first candle in the series of two candles for each ear will be a specialty candle, depending on what your goal is. We have candles for earaches, headaches, female problems, allergies, respiratory issues and much more. If you are trying to achieve more toward the spiritual world we have candles that are dipped in herbs and oils that help clear the seven chakras. We even have candles to attract abundance into your life. To start the process, we do a short Bio-Touch session on your ears, sinuses and neck. This will detox therapy spa ear candling7open up some energy pathways. Next we will have you lie down on a massage table on your side. We will then place a specially made cloth with an “earhole” cut out in it which  covers your face, hair, shirt and neck, thus protecting them.

A lighted candle will be gently placed into your outer ear canal, usually at a 90 degree angle. We will continuously ask how the candle feels in your ear and whether you can hear the crackling sound of the lit end of the candle.  When the candle has burned down approximately 1 1/2 inches we’ll remove the candle, cut off the flaming end of it and clean out the tube of the candle. A skewer is placed into the small end of the candle and the junk from inside of it is pushed out into a bowl. We do this process so that no debris can fall back into your ear, and that the candle does not get “plugged up.” At this point you will be able to see some of the debris that has been drawn out.We relight the candle and start again. While the candle is inserted we will lightly be turning the candle to trigger nerve reactions on the acupressure points in your ear. Once the first candle has burned down to about three inches we will douse the candle and dispose of it. The second candle will not have the same kind of herbs in it. It will be a gentle purifying solution; most times just a plain beeswax candle to keep adding warmth to the ear to continue to attract more debris and remove more wax.
detox therapy spa ear candling9When the second candle is done we will clean your ear canal with a Q Tip soaked in non-drying witch hazel. It will remove any leftover residue. Then, onto the other side. The same process will be completed for the second side.
After both ears have been cleaned, we will do a wonderful facial and neck massage. I like to use a blended essential oil of lavendar, to relax the mind, with a touch of peppermint, to stimulate the skin and sinuses! If your skin is sensitive, we do not have to use the oils. It is a wise idea to put cotton in your ears if it is very cold outside and when you are washing your hair. (At least for a few hours.) Swimming should probably wait a day or so, so that the necessary natural earwax can replenish itself. It does so within 24 hours.

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