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Blemish and Acne Control

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson Signature Facial Blemish Control Acne BeforePeople of all ages who suffer from acne would love to have cleaner, smoother skin that looks polished and vibrant. A healthy, renewed skin surface is our goal for this treatment.

Deep cleansing clogged pores is the first step in our restoration process. A specialty facial steamer helps open clogged pores and helps restore the delicate balance of challenged skin.

An Australian Beige Clay mask containing essential minerals is used to detoxify the skin, stimulate blood circulation and remove impurities.

Toning and balancing the facial pH is an important step in restoring blemished skin.

We specially formulated an essential oil complex, which is an antiseptic, that cleanses tissues of germs and microorganisms. The astringent agents produce contractions of the tissue, therefore resulting in smoother, taunter skin.

Of course you must hydrate the skin without a lot of oils. Our special moisturizing formula has anti-oxidants and peptides to rejuvenate your skin without a lot of oil.

Of course you will have eye patches and a facial massage!

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson Signature Facial Blemish Control Acne_after

A facial will not magically make your acne disappear, but it Will help the healing process and make your skin healthy looking and feeling!

If your acne is gone, but you still have the scars from past breakouts , you may want to ask your therapist about our derma-stamping procedure or Light Therapy, which helps fill in the pits left by your previous problem!

Blemish and Acne Control


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