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Dr. Noel L. Shaw

Dr. Noel L. Shaw

Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa shares a 2,400 square foot space with our owner’s husband, Dr. Noel Shaw. More than 20 years ago, in the beginning stages of my fibromyalgia, I met Noel on a recommendation of a retiring Chiropractor. This other doc had told me that if I didn’t get some chiropractic help soon, I would be crippled by the time I was 50. I was uninsured, so he informed me that this “young guy” up the street offered payment plans for chiropractic care. I went to see Dr. Shaw because I believed in natural health care and chiropractic.
More than 20 years later here we are! Noel captured my heart and kept me structurally sound for all of these years. He was the one who started my journey into “Natural Health”. I am now 56 years old and am far from being Crippled. Most 20 year olds can’t keep up with me. I thank the heavens for that “other doc” all those years ago!

Dr. Shaw uses many different techniques to get people well adjusted. The “Shaw Technique” is a combination of the Palmer Method, The Gonstad Method and 30 years of Dr. Shaw’s experiences. Just like allopathic medicine has advanced and changed, so has Dr. Shaw’s skills and techniques! Shaw Chiropractic is a warm and friendly place where you can usually be see and treated the same day that you call the office. We except most health insurance plans, and offer discounted package prices for those who are uninsured or have a high co-pay or deductible. Discounts are given to military personnel, fire and police personnel, and to students.
Dr. Shaw ‘s office is in Tucson, but we do have the ability to see emergency patients in the Vail Spa also. Call 520 275-4510 for more info.

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We do charge a cancellation and No Show fee. Please refer to our Spa Etiquette & Guidelines page to read full details.

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