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Cleansing & Detoxification

tucson therapy spas nutritional cleansingThere are many ways to lose weight and become healthier. Some are tried and true, but most fail in the long run. Did you ever wonder why? Maybe we need to step out of the box and look at what is really causing the on going battle with American Obesity and our health challenges. You may be very surprised at what you learn.
We all know that we have to eat, drink, and breathe if we want to stay alive. Try not doing it. See how long you last. Anyway, have you ever thought of how taxing just these three basic processes are on your body? 
100 years ago our bodies were perfectly equipped to handle the environment around us. Unless we were drinking from a puddle or a cow pond, we were pretty much guaranteed that we wouldn’t get sick from our water supply. Our fruits and vegetables had bugs, at worst, and we obviously wouldn’t eat those pieces. Unless the meat we ate looked sick, you knew that you’d get pure protein from these animals. NOT ANY MORE! tucson therapy spas nutritional cleansing2
Now most people can’t even read what’s in their food. If the poisons are listed, you don’t know what they are anyway. The things that don’t have to be listed are even scarier! 
Let’s just say that all of our foods are loaded with preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, hormones, antibiotics, and lots and lots of chemicals. Most of these additives are not good for us. Cleansing & detoxification of the body is so important in today’s society. When you cleanse all of the junk and toxins out of your blood and organs, your body’s protective mechanisms stop producing the fat and fluid that it uses to protect you.

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