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We are pleased to announce yet another form of body detoxification. Our shower-less seaweed body wrap is designed to help burn fat, and detoxify the body through your skin. Unlike other places, we actually put minerals inside your body! We’ve decided that drinking an energy boosting, cleansing, replenishing mineral drink should be an integral part of our wrap.
Ionix® Supreme is an important part of your healthy-living arsenal. This powerful elixir provides a higher concentration of adaptogenic botanicals and nutrients that help you manage stress and heightened levels of toxicity.

far infrared sauna

  • Step 1  Drink up! Drink plenty of water.
  • Step 2  Lie down on the Soqi bed for 15 minutes. This is the cardio equivalent of walking very briskly for 90 minutes. This replaces jumping on a trampoline or using an elliptical machine to pick up your circulation! A great way to get the lymphatic system going if you have any kind of health challenges where normal exercise is impossible!
  • Step 3  A full body exfoliation rub down.
  • Step 4  Now we apply the seaweed gel. This professional quality gel has Sea Kelp for metabolic stimulation. Kiamath blue-green algae helps hydrate and detoxify the body, and Rose Hip Seed Oil nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. The moisturizing base of this product is made of Willow Bark extract, Aloe Vera oil, Vitamin E and Lavender oil.
  • detox therapy spa tucson fat wrapStep 5  Here comes the wrapping part. Layers of plastic wrap will encase you to hold your body heat in.
  • Step 6  Pour on the heat. Now you head into the far infra-red sauna for 30 minutes. Remember a far infra-red sauna heats you up from the inside out. Normal saunas cause you to sweat due to the extremely high ambient temperature (surrounding heat). Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down. Far infra-red heat raises your core body temperature (like a fever does) and you have a better quality, detoxifying sweat. While you are heating up, your feet will be a  basin of water chock full of detoxifying herbs. We will be providing a pitcher full of water, (so you don’t dehydrate) and a magazine if you’d like. You may also sleep, if you choose! Trying doing that while jumping on a trampoline!
  • Step 7  After you have gone through our unique cleansing protocol, we will wipe the residue off with clean, warm towels and apply a moisturizing, detoxing cream.

Detox Wraps – Tucson Detox Therapy Spa

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