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Lines Around The Mouth

Smoker’s lines, laugh lines, lipstick lines, vertical lip lines, perioral lines, whatever you call the lines around your mouth don’t make anyone happy. Whether they are above your top lip or are marionette lines, (Puppet mouth lines, the lines that run downward from the corner of your mouth that make you look unhappy) there is now a non-surgical, non-injectable way to make them softer and smoother. If lip wrinkles make your lipstick bleed and draw attention to the lines there, this treatment is for you.

Fibroblast treatment with a plasma arc can improve the shape and texture of the skin around your lips. The amount of treatments varies from person to person. You will see a noticable change after each treatment.

The skin around the lips have a lot of nerve endings, therefore we always use a numbing product before treatment begins. As with any type of esthetic lip treatment, if you have ever had an outbreak of herpes simplex, it is advised to do an anti-viral course before and after your session.

We have an all natural treatment available or you may contact your health care provider to get a prescription medication.

If you want prettier, smoother, more kissable lips read on to see how it’s done.

What’s the process?

The electric arc produces a short flash when the probe comes close to the skin. This flash causes a micro burn to the epidermal layer (top dead layer) of your skin. The microdamage that was intentionally caused by the flash registers in your brain and the brain sends out a message that it needs to repair that damage. It produces collagen and elastins and makes your skin newer, healthier and more toned and tightened. The treatment “burn” causes a temporary de-hydration of the skin; this results in immediate tissue retraction and lifting. The treatment is topical and is performed without causing bleeding and more importantly without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Once the area starts to heal, collagen and elastins start to grow giving the new skin, a tighter, more toned look, taking years from your appearance. Our technician will use the arc to follow the outer edges of the creases in the lip area, This actually causes the lines to contract and “fill in.” As with any skin tightening procedure, the results will improve over a few months period of time.

The client must not display herpes simplex and not have had herpes simplex in the past even if dormant at the time of the treatment. In case of clients with herpes simplex, a full antiviral course should be completed before starting the aesthetic treatment. We have an all natural course available or you can call your health care practitioner for a prescription drug to help prevent a breakout. In case you do have a breakout, the anti-viral course will help lessen the length and severity of the outbreak.

 For more info on aftercare (click here)     contraindications (click here)   prerequisites (click here) healing procedure (click here)


All appointments are final and cannot be rescheduled without 48 hours notice. Please double-check your schedule to ensure that you are available during the time of your booking. Appointments also require a $100 non- refundable deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is then deducted from your final amount on the day of your procedure. A patch test and aftercare products are also a part of your first visit. Your procedure will be performed AFTER your patch test has successfully healed.


Deposits are  forfeited if the client does not to show up to their appointment or cannot commit to their original scheduled appointment without 48 hours notice.  Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule, and it will be considered a cancellation. That much lost time will not allow the technician to complete the procedure properly. The time cannot be “made up” by rushing or omitting important steps.  

For consultations and appointments, call 520 275-4510 Tucson’s only plasma fibroblast spa!. It is necessary to do a patch test for each visit to see how that area will react to the treatment. The healing process will show how you well reacted and will give us a better idea of how many sessions you will need to achieve your goals. Your first actual treatment will be about 2 weeks from your consultation and patch test. Please remember this info as you are scheduling your appointment time.

We do offer discounts on packages.

The photos used on these pages were not taken by Alternatives in Health Care but are of other provider’s patients that have had the same kind of treatments.

 Let the results speak for themselves. You’ll be glad that you came. We do offer discounts on multiple session packages. Call for pricing.