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Fibroblast Prerequisites

In order for the client to qualify to undergo the aesthetic treatments using electrical arcing the following prerequisites must be met first:

  1. The client must be in good health at the time of the treatment, with no underlying chronic health conditions, or skin issues in the area to be treated. If the client displays signs of cold or flu treatment must be postponed.
  2. Those with problems of keloids, skin burns or severe diabetes or any other disease that prevents timely healing should not undergo these aesthetic procedures.
  3. The client should not be waiting for a doctor’s appointment.
  4. The area to be treated should not have undergone any previous medical treatment or cosmetic laser treatment that caused permanent skin changes or damage within the last year.
  5. The client must not display herpes simplex and not have had herpes simplex in the past even if dormant at the time of the treatment. In case of clients with herpes simplex, a full antiviral course should be completed before starting the aesthetic treatment. We have an all natural course available or you can call your health care practitioner for a prescription drug to help prevent a breakout. In case you do have a breakout, the anti-viral course will help lessen the length and severity of the outbreak.
  6. If the client wears a pace-maker avoid treatment with electrical arcing. Consult the pace-maker manufacturer and contact the specific electrical arcing device manufacturer for advice.
  7. Anyone with any kind of electrical pump that is not removable should avoid treatment.
  8. This treatment has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women.