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           Body Care: Inside and out

The words body care means different things to different people. Here at Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa, we take them literally. We have many different treatments and procedures to help “take care of your body!” Whether this means helping you lose weight and inches, get rid of aches and pains, a curvature of your spine, toning your skin, whitening or fading hyper-pigmented skin, fading stretch marks and other scars, reducing cellulite, or removing hair, we have a specialist that is educated in the very body care treatments that you need to accomplish these things. All of the treatments listed below will help take care of your body, inside and out. There aren’t many places (if any) in Tucson that you can be treated like a king or a queen for a 2 hour body treatment. Many are listed in other categories with more detail about them.

In order to help with all of these body care issues we offer the following services:

° All natural nutritional cleansing                   ° Fat wraps

° Detoxification wraps                                    ° Cellulite wraps

° Massage                                                        ° Reflexology

° LED Therapy                                                ° Micro- needling

° Derma-rolling                                               ° Acupuncture

° Chiropractic                                                 ° Waxing

° Sugar Scrubs                                                 ° Salt Glows

° Back facial                                                    °  Below the Belt Rejuvenation (Vajacial)

 If  words like, dense, thick, flabby, plump, fleshy, round, full bodied, saggy, baggy, wrinkly, dry, fluffy, speckled, spotted, old, tired, sore, crooked, out of shape are words that describe you and you’d like to change them to, lean, willowy, shapely, thin, healthy, toned, supple, radiant, dewy, firm, cleansed, adjusted, balanced, relaxed and so on. You have definitely come to the right place!



We do charge a cancellation and No Show fee. Please refer to our Spa Etiquette & Guidelines page to read full details.

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