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Ear Candling

The ancient practice of ear candling is thousands of years old. It worked then and it still works now! Once again we have a healing practice that has survived centuries, and comes under fire from the medical profession. So, once again, I will give you history, technique and testimonials, and you can make up your own mind on whether ear candling is for you!detox therapy spa ear candling3

Murals from long ago provide evidence that ear candling or ear coning was was used for healing and spiritual connections centuries before we were here. Inside of the pyramids, on canyon walls, and in Chinese temples, there are pictures of people receiving the benefits of “Thermal Auricular Therapy”. In many countries this ancient technique was passed down from generation to generation as a natural way to help with ear problems and to connect with the spirits. Today in Germany, doctors doing their internships learn ear coning as part of their education. The same goes for nurses in England.

detox therapy spa ear candlingAlthough many today doubt the usefulness of this practice, it continues. Like many other natural modalities of healing it is touted as a fad or hoax. Scientifically it is frowned upon. Scientifically it can’t work. Scientifically Bumble Bees can’t fly either!

Let me be perfectly clear about something. I have had many people thank me for helping them to be able to breathe again. I’ve personally had great results with “candling” helping me to be able to pressurize my ears while flying in an airplane. I’ve had people tell me how much “lighter” their heads and sinuses feel. But, I have also heard horror stories of people who have been burned or had melted wax drip inside of their ear canal.detox therapy spa ear candling2
This practice is fairly simple to do. Many people will have it done by an inexperienced person, maybe even at a party where it’s part of the “Stupid People tricks” for the night. Don’t let someone who is not trained to do this technique practice on you! Then it can be very dangerous.
The practitioners at Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa are certified to provide this service. We went to classes to learn how not to hurt people!
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