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Fat Wraps Continued

tucson weight loss - fat wraps- lose inches

  • Step 5   After you have been wrapped you will lie on the Soqi Bed and we will cover your body with three Far Infrared Domes. (Remember that FIR heat heats up your body from the inside, so we are improving your circulation, oxygenating your body and kicking up your body’s metabolism!) The chi machine will be gently energizing your whole body for up to 15 minutes and you will be under the domes for 30 minutes. Another thing to remember is that 15 minutes on the chi machine is equivalent to a brisk 90 minute walk! You will be tingly and warm while you are in the Soqi Bed. This is the reason that we won’t wrap a full body! Your body will be getting an internal and external work out.
  • Step 6  “Home work”. Literally, you will receive a take home detox wrap that needs to be applied after you’ve showered. It will continue to work for up to 72 hours.

We recommend that you bring a 2 piece bathing suit or an extra pair of underwear and a bra to wear home. (NOT YOU GUYS!) We also recommend that you do not shower as soon as you get home. The Body Profile lotion does not have an oil base, so it will not stain your clothes or be greasy. As long as it is on your body it will be helping to burn fat. So, it is best to leave it on. Your target area will feel pretty warm for quite awhile.

Detox-Therapy-Spa-Tucson-body-care-fat-wraps3For those of you who are in the military and are about to TAPE IN for your PT Test, we have developed a military fat wrap just for you. The combination of short term nutritional cleansing and both wraps has been a huge success!



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