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Derma Rolling / Collagen Induction Therapy


Derma rolling, better known as Collagen Induction Therapy, can help promote your body’s own ability to produce collagen and elastins. By the age of 35 we lose the ability to produce collagen and elastins, which are the glue and mortar that holds our skin together and make it pliable. After age 35 we recycle what the body had produced up until that time. The only time that we produce new collagen is when we have an injury and the body feels the need to repair it. If you sustain a severe injury, your body will produce a lot of collagen in the injured area. Mass production of collagen usually results in the formation of scar tissue.   Obviously this is not the ideal goal of reproducing collagen for facial rejuvenation. When you see an aesthetician for derma rolling/collagen induction therapy, our goal is to produce micro-injuries that trigger the body to produce tiny amounts of evenly distributed collagen production. The procedures of skin rolling, skin needling and cosmetic acupuncture accomplish this task by poking many tiny, holes onto the top layers of the skin triggering the body’s natural healing response.   Collagen takes approximately 4-6 months to grow, so the effects of these kinds of treatments will improve over time. The immediate effect that the body produces is the release of histamines, which causes a topical swelling to the area. This even slight inflammation makes the skin look plumper and more even.  Extra circulation brings better blood flow to the surface, therefore producing a healthy glow. We at Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa offer numerous ways to produce derma rolling / collagen induction therapy. We use collagen induction therapy as a way to infusion 21st century skin care products deeper into the skin, making the products about 50 times more effective than just putting it on your skin.

Collagen production can help:

  • Fade your stretch marks
  • Diminish dark spots on your skin
  • Reduce your wrinkles
  • Fade your acne scars and
  • Help promote your hair growth!

All without using drugs or having surgery.