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Alternatives in Health Care Body Treatments

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Detox Therapy Spa

Sonoran Desert Essentials

If you love the smell of the desert after a light drizzle or a summer monsoon, this is the treatment for you.

The exclusive products that we use for this transcending journey are all available in the SonoranDesert.

The healing herbs of the desert are present in these amazing products.  Medicine men have utilized creosote, desert sage, jojoba, acacia, juniper berries, aloe and more for centuries. Let us transform your tense, tired body into one that is rested and peaceful. This treatment uses a sand scrub to exfoliate, ground calendula and clay are only part of the body mask, aloe gel and desert oils will moisturize your desert dweller skin. As an added luxury, a hand and foot treatment will accompany this treatment. Listen to Indian flute music while your senses soar between this world and the world of dreams.

100 minutes           $175

Crazy for Coconut Full Body Treatment

Exfoliate, tone, tighten, detoxify and moisturize your skin in one glorious treatment. Indulge yourself for 90 steamy minutes with our signature pure coconut trio. Sloughing off dead skin never smelled or felt so good; raw shredded coconut flakes, coconut oil and coconut sugar, polish away dull epithelial tissue, renewing the healthy glowing skin beneath it. Massaging in our coco mocha detoxifying body mask will surely relax and delight your senses, while purifying, toning and tightening your body’s skin. Steam will moisturize and clarify your skin and help to flush toxins from your inner self during your whole experience. Lastly, you will feel like silk after our Coconut Mango Twist Body Butter has been slathered onto your freshly pampered body! A little bit of tropical down time to start or finish any day!    

90 minutes         $150

Rich Aromatic Vanilla Chai Sugar Polish

Warm towels prepare you to start your balmy journey. Steam will help detoxify you while you are transported to an aromatic, place where dreams are made. This luxurious combination of exotic spices and tropical coconut oil will not only smell heavenly, but will leave your body warm and glowy. Cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg and other warming spices will help relax achy muscles and increase circulation all while the extra fine baker’s sugar exfoliates and polishes your skin. Coconut oil will nourish freshly exposed new skin cells. Warm towels will remove products and continue to warm you. A tantalizing body mask made of ground oatmeal, dried milk, chia tea and our special blend of spices will act as an anti-inflammatory, helps to retain moisture in the skin and decrease dead skin cells. To end your relaxing journey a moisturizing combo of sandalwood, cardamom, jasmine and rose cream will bathe you in humectants to hydrate your skin.

90 minutes        $150

Radiant Skin Seaweed Salt Glow

Achieve a highly polished, smooth as silk, purified outer skin with this exotic combination of seaweed, coconut and grapeseed oils, sea and Epsom salts, castile soap, vitamin E and a plethora of other  exfoliating and re-mineralizing ingredients, all wrapped up in the form of a body polish that ends in our far infra-red sauna. Refresh yourself while basking, with a stress-coping, body balancing, adaptogenic mineral drink. After your detox sauna session ends, warm towels will wash away the evidence of impurities and cool towels and a toner will soothe your face as the pampering continues with a luscious, hydrating French Vanilla Body Cream. Leave us feeling refreshed and radiant!

90 minutes       $145

Orange you glad that you’re here? LOL

Orange blossom is one of the heady smells of Spring and we’ve designed a full body treatment that captures this magnificent aroma. Citrus is invigorating, it counteracts anxiety, chases away fatique and depression and is also amazing for couperose or aging skin. The cell regenerating properties are captured and will be applied to your whole body.  Hot towels and steam will prepare your skin to accept our combination of sea and Epsom Salts, oils, orange spice and orange blossoms that will whisk away that dead surface layer of skin, leaving behind a softer, healthier epidermal layer.  Homemade orange blossom floral water will be mixed with our detoxifying clay and milk mixture, which of course also has ground orange rind and more blossoms. A touch of french vanilla oil will enhance the joyfulness of this orange delight. If you still haven’t had enough of the blissfully fruity scent, our Creamsicle moisturizing cream will hydrate you and let the amazing aroma of that wonderful childhood treat linger on your tingly, new skin. Come in and let us redirect your energies to a more positive direction.    

 90 minutes        $150

Warming Chai Sugar Scrub

Relax and experience this tantalizing, exotic, aromatic sugar scrub. If lack of time is a factor of your life, yet you know that you deserve to be pampered, this is the body treatment for you. In a short period of time, you could be polished, hydrated and more relaxed allowing you to continue to conquer the world. While massaging this warming sugar scrub onto your body we’ll be improving your circulation, relaxing your mind and your muscles and giving you the break that you deserve.

45 minutes          $70

Minty Fresh Energizing Scrub

If energy and time are what you are lacking, this is just what you need. This cooling combination of peppermint, cornmint, spearmint and rosemary and will be the ticket to get you moving again. This zippy brown and white sugar scrub helps exfoliate that dull uncared for skin and the aromatic scents of our lavender and rosemary lotion will get you right back on track in a smooth silky new skin.

 45 minutes            $70

Powerful micro-derm abrasion back facial

Show off your shoulders after this intense exfoliating treatment helps reduce any blemishes and leaves you feeling more vibrant and youthful. Our “power packed back facial” will start with an all natural cleanser made for your specific skin type. Microderm abrasion helps mechanically exfoliate unhealthy, dull skin and a skin type specific enzyme peel will chemically dissolve keratin proteins that have built up on your skin’s surface. A natural toner will adjust your skin’s pH levels. At this point a high frequency spot treatment will help kill bacteria, reduce sebum, reduce inflammation and normalize the skin’s oil production if you are acne prone. If your skin is sun damaged or mature a different high frequency setting will be used. A skin specific mask will help draw impurities or tone and rejuvenate your delicate skin. A specialty serum picked especially for you will be applied after your last toning session. At last, moisturizing will hydrate and nourish your newly revitalized skin. Of course a scalp massage is included in this all encompassing “flip side facial.”

 75 minutes                 $105

Contra-indications for clients using electro-therapy:

If you have a pace maker or other implanted electrical device in your body

  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • Epilepsy
  • Bleeding disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Phlebitis
  • Thrombosis
  • Open wounds, including active acne
  • Metal in the body
  • Cancer
  • Recent laser surgery or chemical peels
  • Mental health disorders

 You should consult your health care provider before having any electrical procedure done. Electrical procedures work best if one is well hydrated.

High Frequency Cellulite treatment

Reduce the dimpled, cottage cheesy look on your thighs, belly, even your arms without any exercise or discomfort with our non-invasive cellulite treatment. This exciting treatment begins with 15 minutes on the Chi Machine to improve your body’s circulation and oxygenate your blood. Dry brushing your target area to cause an increase in topical circulation is the next step in this slimming process. Now, a seaweed gel that is rich in Klamath blue green algae, which helps hydrate and detoxify your targeted areas is applied. Our technician will then use a glass electrode filled with argon gas to “zap” lumpy skin and heat the fatty layers under it. This mild heating causes tightening and increased blood circulation and the fatty deposits are drained through the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Once the area has been treated with the high frequency machine, we will then remove the seaweed gel and apply a cellulite oil. The treatment will allow the oil to penetrate deeper than if used alone.

This treatment is recommended to be used in a series for optimum results. Package prices are available.


Single treatment area                                   Multiple treatment areas

Arms   30 minutes                  $45                  arms and thighs                  60 minutes          $100

Thighs   45 minutes                $75                  thighs and butt                   75 minutes           $125

Calves   45 minutes                $75                  calves and thighs                 75 minutes          $125


Packages of 6 treatments are 10% off each treatment as stated above.

Arms                                       $243                arms and thighs                                  $540

Thighs                                     $405                thighs and butt                                   $675

Calves                                     $405                calves and thighs                                $675

Anti-aging Micro-current Skin Lifting Experience

Advances in technology have actually made it possible to see instant results in the lifting and tightening of your skin without surgery or down time! Although we recommend a series of these treatments, micro-current enables you to achieve more taut, youthful looking skin in just one session.

Micro-current is a specific amount of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural current and works in harmony with the body’s electrical system. Micro-current impulses trigger a chemical reaction at a cellular level and help stimulate tendons, which then aid in strengthening the muscles, therefore bringing more definition to the face and body or wherever you are applying the current.

Micro-current technology is the only aesthetic treatment available that can physically firm and tone the skin through muscle re-education. Our treatment starts with dry brushing your target area. After we’ve exfoliated and brought surface circulation to a peak, we will apply a cell regenerating gel to your target area and begin your electrotherapy session. After completion, we will apply a luxurious, anti-aging cream to moisturize your newly firmed skin.


Single treatment area                                               Multiple treatment areas

Upper Arms     30 minutes      $60                  Upper  Arms and Decollete                  60 minutes           $120

Thighs             45 minutes      $90                     Thighs and Buttock                                   75 minutes           $150


Packages of 6 treatments are 10% off each treatment as stated above.

Upper arms                             $324                Upper Arms and Decollete                  $648

Thighs                                        $486               Thighs and buttock                                 $810