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How long does it last?

Detox-Therapy-Spa-Tucson-skin-care-skin-needling4Results vary with each individual; depending on the area, depth of depressed tissue and how you heal. Your habits will also have a lot to do with permanent results. Try to keep your body detoxed as much as possible to slow the aging process. Smoking is extremely good at aging your skin. Try to quit if you can.

Remember, this is your body’s own healing process. It is not a foreign matter (a filler) that your body perceives as an invader and purposefully tries to get rid of. Usually people see some immediate results, but the process gets better with time. WRINKLES WILL ACTUALLY GET BETTER WITH TIME, NOT WORSE! HOW EXCITING IS THAT? After a few sessions have been done, your skin will produce collagen for up to one year. So, it will still be improving over that time period.

We’ve heard of clients who’s Skin and Facial Needling has lasted 14 years. The average is usually 2-3 years. While some clients want to stay on top of the aging process, they may schedule appointments every 6-12 months to capture new wrinkles before they are noticeable.

You will need to schedule 3-4 sessions to achieve optimum effect. Sessions must be scheduled at least 4 weeks apart, to allow the skin to completely plump up and heal, before going over the area again, to build more collagen.

Here comes the realistic part again! If you want to go to your daughter’s wedding and look 10 years younger immediately and don’t care what you look like 6 months down the road, this is not for you. But, if you want to go to your high school reunion a few months from now, and then stay in touch with those folks without looking any older as time goes on, then this is the deal for YOU!!

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I have been very excited about my reaction to the series of foot baths that I have received from your office. I bought the treatments because I am always on my feet and they ache terribly by the end of the night. The baths soothed my feet while removing toxins from my system. The color of the water after my treatments changed dramatically as I progressed through the series. One of the things that was of interest to me was that my water changed to the color that indicates kidney issues. I later…
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