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Weight and Inch Loss

tucson detox therapy spa weight loss If you remember any of the information from the Cleansing and Nutritional pages, this won’t sound foreign. THE BODY PRODUCES EXTRA FAT AND FLUID TO PROTECT YOUR ORGANS FROM TOXINS! If you do not cleanse them out, you will continue to produce extra fat and fluids!
When you diet, you are going after the body’s solution to a problem, not the problem itself. Cleansing is what we are all about. Cleanse the toxins out of your body and the fat and fluid will be unnecessary and will go away.
So, as usual we have cross over categories here too! I believe that to truly be healthy and slim, you must cleanse and replenish your body with clean, natural, nutritious foods and water. If you can not cleanse your body orally because you are too sensitive, or allergic to too many foods and herbs you now have options. People just like you are the reason why I started Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa!
You can do an Ionic Foot Bath, Chi, FIR, Fat & Detox wraps, or any of the Body Work to help accomplish cellular cleansing. tucson detox therapy spa weight loss2







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I have been very excited about my reaction to the series of foot baths that I have received from your office. I bought the treatments because I am always on my feet and they ache terribly by the end of the night. The baths soothed my feet while removing toxins from my system. The color of the water after my treatments changed dramatically as I progressed through the series. One of the things that was of interest to me was that my water changed to the color that indicates kidney issues. I later…
Donna Gallagher