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Skin Needling

Detox-Therapy-Spa-Tucson-skin-care-skin-needling2Of course we wanted to find a procedure that would enhance your looks without being harmful to your body. We wanted it to be easy and non-toxic. Well, we’ve found it. Skin Needling is the answer!!!

What is skin needling?

It is the newest alternative to laser resurfacing. It is a non-invasive way to diminish wrinkles, help fill in acne scars or any other skin depressions, including stretch marks. It is a process that encourages your body to produce collagen again! Therefore, you are repairing your old skin with your own new collagen! No additives!

How does needling work?Detox-Therapy-Spa-Tucson-skin-care-skin-needling

The needle breaks up old collagen strands that are losing their elasticity. The minute penetration causes the site to produce fluid (swelling), the pin pricks then start to fuse together by producing fibroblasts (collagen cells) and the release of growth factors form at the puncture site. Growth factors augment collagen deposition and maturation.

There is no scarring, no sun sensitivity and no major damage to your skin. Unlike lasers it does not remove layers of skin, it promotes your body to “fill in” the slightly damaged areas.


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Wow!! What could I possibly say? I never knew or saw a foot bath machine that could show and teach you so much about what a person has in their body and show all of the toxins that are in there. I would love to do more of this cleansing stuff again sometime!
Melissa M.