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Skin Needling Pictures

First Treatment

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson skin care skin needling

Day 1

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson skin care skin needling2

Day 1
Immediately After











Debbie was back at work, wearing make up the next day and no one even noticed. By day five people where asking her what she was doing differently! WAY COOL!

Second Treatment

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson skin care skin needling3

One Month Later

These are pictures of her second session. They were taken about 4 weeks after the first ones were. Look at the difference in the creases of her eyes and cheeks. The parentheses around her mouth aren’t nearly as deep!

Detox Therapy Spa Tucson skin care skin needling5

4 Weeks Later
After Second Treatment


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Skin Needling Pictures – Tucson Detox Therapy Spa

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I have been very excited about my reaction to the series of foot baths that I have received from your office. I bought the treatments because I am always on my feet and they ache terribly by the end of the night. The baths soothed my feet while removing toxins from my system. The color of the water after my treatments changed dramatically as I progressed through the series. One of the things that was of interest to me was that my water changed to the color that indicates kidney issues. I later…
Donna Gallagher