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We ARE NOT your typical spa!  You won't find anyone else like us in Arizona!  Please check back here often as we add new products and services often. (The newest services available now are, Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, Ear Candling, Facials, Bio-Touch, tanning and Dermal Rolling

Aromatherapy Tucson is now here!  Homemade all natural, butters, lotions and soaps are now available. We have many medicinal products also.

Our mission here at AIHC is to help educate you on the adverse reactions that today's lifestyles can cause the human body. Alternatives in Health Care's Detox Therapy can help protect you from environmental toxins that assault you daily. In addition to our talented practitioners we have specialty equipment that can cleanse and purify your air, water, and your internal and external body. We can relax and de-stress you. We have products and services that promote weight loss, pain relief and natural anti-aging techniques. We can also help improve your comfort levels and your over all sense of well-being. So if you are looking for holistic health care Tucson, Tucson massage, day spa Tucson, health center Tucson, acupuncture Tucson, or any other holistic health services, make sure that Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spas is your number one choice!

Including the above mentioned, our services include: nutritional cleansing, ionic foot bathsreflexology,chi machines, far infrared therapy (including a far infrared sauna), a tanning bed, Soqi beds, Ceragem bed, fat wraps Tucson, massage, chiropractic care, permanent make up, skin needling, paraffin wax baths, massage chairs, and Hemi-Sync Sound and Light therapy
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We have 2 convenient locations in Southern AZ. Our Tucson location is at 1101 N. Wilmot Rd. Ste. # 227, inside of the Shaw Chiropractic Clinic.

Our second location is in Vail. Call for address.